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Poseidonion Grand Hotel in Spetses island, presents a solo exhibition of Nektarios Kontovrakis, on the traditional art of shipbuilding, "Sea Hulls" .  Kontovrakis pays homage to the wooden shipbuilding, the shipyards, open-air live museums of Greece and the ship carpenters, people that respect and preserve tradition, with unique sensitivity and skills.


A keen yachtsman and man of the sea himself, growing up in the island of Aegina, with childhood memories that have influenced him, points out: "... the trunks of trees I saw when I was a child, when they were placed upon the craftsmen skilled hands, were transformed into boats that sailed the seas. In shipyards I heard the voices of shipwrights, naming each piece of the hull…. and dedicates this symbolic exhibition “ ... in memory of my father who taught me the naval art. "


The exhibition accompanies  Spetses Classic Yacht Race a unique 4 day event co-organised by Poseidonion Grand Hotel and the Yacht Club of Greece. Staged on the amazing backdrop of Poseidonion and the Argosaronic Gulf a series of classic yachts (Classic Boats, Traditional Caiques, Traditional Lateens, Dragons) form an exquisite parade of elegance with crews from Greece and abroad.


The organizers will deliver for the first time this year, a special prize to the best Greek shipwright and a painting from the exhibition is offered to the winner with great respect from the artist.

The works exhibited are acrylic and oils and cover the period from 2013 to today.


June 2014

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