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Two “kores”  Aegina & Aphaia


Aegina and Aphaia, the two mythical figures that are directly linked to my birthplace, were the inspiration for the creation of a

"double-faced" sculpture.


A cut tree, whose trunk stood at the small square between the fish market and the old town hall building of the island of Aegina, was the incentive for the project's implementation.


The sculpture, made out of Casuarina-Beefwood Tree, 4 meters high, and black iron, stands on the square, which is recently under renovation, featuring the two “kores”  who gaze out to the sea and the city of Aegina, respectively, paying tribute to the history of the island & its memories.


A project that was implemented with the voluntary help of friends and the island’s municipality. Sponsored by Sigmadomi S.A.

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